Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some random facts about me + RTW #108: How far would you go?

Let's start with some obvious ones...

1. I confess, I am a social network addict. As you can see by the buttons on the side ~>

2. Apparently, I read 450-500 Words Per Minute. According to some test whose link I have now lost.

3. I barely ever talk unless someone else makes the first step. Those socially awkward penguin memes? They all apply to me.

4. I've read the whole Harry Potter series around 20 times, give or take a few.

5. I scanlate. If you've read manga online, you probably know what that is. Here's my group. Apply if you're interested in Photoshop. We love people who love Photoshop ;)

Enough random facts for now, let's keep some more for later.

RTW #108: How Far Would You Go?

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

How Far Would You go to Get Published?

Okay, so first of all...I'm not aiming to be an author. I may be in the minority for that, because I've seen loads of fellow bloggers who write, and aim to be published. Me - I got interested in writing a few years ago, simply because I was good at English. I told my parents I wanted to be a writer, that idea got slammed down fast enough. The real reason I wanted to be an author? I love staying at home. I loved the idea of being able to work from home. And then I found Photoshop. Graphic designing, I'm quite interested in. Sadly, that idea was slammed down as well, though I still have a tiny bit of hope for it.

Anyways, onto the real topic. How far? Sometimes authors have to bend a bit to break into the publishing world. There are trends going on, popular genres, so what will you do?

Me...there's one thing I like to consider whenever I write. Would I read it? I like very little of the popular books nowadays, it's like, Why The Hype? I prefer issues. REAL issues. Not deciding which species of monsters I like more (*ahem* Vampires, werewolves...etc.); So no, in my opinion, I don't think I'd ever go even until first base. Writing is my hobby, I write when I feel like it, and I want to enjoy it. I don't want to think about how I'll have to add in this type of story-line, or that type of story-line so the readers will like it more. When I start writing, I just either keep going or I stop. I don't exactly think much along the way.

That's it for today...and in other news...

My review got published at Reality Romanticized, in the November '11 issue. Yayz!


  1. Interesting view, it´s also nice to read what "hobby" writers (as you put) think about the topic. Congrats on your review being published!

  2. Good for you, writing as a hobby. :) Sometimes I wish writing was only a hobby for me...sometimes I wish I could be happy just being--don't know--a stock broker or something, and not worrying about publication. But I think, essentially, to want that would be to want to replace my soul entirely.

  3. Socially Awkward Penguin FTW! That's so me, too. :) I think your emphasis on writing what you want to read is fantastic. I'm sure your writing is all the better for it, since you're working for the story instead of focusing on publication.

  4. That's awesome! Doing things just for the heck of it is always awesome:D