Saturday, November 5, 2011

Front and Center (Dairy Queen, #3)Front and Center by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a great end to an amazing series. I was actually sad to end it, I had started liking D.J., who's different from the typical teenage girl portrayed in books nowadays.

The Plus Points in this book
~The writing was better in this than in the first two, woohoo! Either that, or I had gotten used to that writing (I hope not). Anyways, it was such a relief when I realized I didn't have to go through pains understanding it.
~There wasn't so much family drama in this. Now, that might be a negative point for some, and a positive for others. It was kind of both for me. I'm a fan of family drama, yet D.J. seemed like a real girl to me in this. Not a girl who can handle a whole farm on her own, who can take care of her crippled brother. A girl, worried about boys, her family (less often than before), and college.

The Negative
~Uhh...I didn't find much I didn't like in this. The romance I mostly found just meh.

The characters are so real and believable, you may just find them next door. Before opening that door, open these books and enjoy a ride with D.J. Shwenks. :)

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