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Froi of the Exiles (Lumatere #2) Review

Froi of the Exiles (Lumatere Chronicles, #2)Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta
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4.5 stars

“If we forget who we lost, then we forget who we once were, and if we forget who we once were, we lose sight of who we are now.”

Warning: Gushing may occur.

First of all, I want to thank Melina Marchetta for writing all the wonderful books she does. Her books seem to get better each year. I don't know how she does it, but thank you, Melina Marchetta, for this amazing experience.

Now all remember him from Finnikin of the Rock, don't you? The thief. This story is about a kingdom, of people. 3 years have passed since the curse was lifted from Lumatere, and now Froi has got a mission to complete in Charyn, the enemy country. There he meets people whose lives he will change, and who will change his lives. And he learns the meaning of family.

When I was reading this book, I wasn't sitting in my room with my eyes of my laptop's screen. I was in Charyn. I was in Lumatere. I was Froi. I was Quintana. This book absorbed me. Some books, you absorb in a frenzy. This one...I took my time letting the story sink in, letting the song that seeps in Froi's blood to seep in mine. And sometimes during it...I fell in love with it. I couldn't say the same for Finnikin but I loved Froi, I loved Charyn and I loved all of the other characters as minor they may be.

The characters were so vulnerable, so flawed, I should've hated them. This book depicts a half-mad princess, how is that lovable? But she is. If I knew someone like that realistically, yes I would hate them. But Melina Marchetta draws you to the characters. I loved them unconditionally, with all their flaws and insecurities.

I especially loved the parts with Froi, Quintana, Arjuro, Gargarin and Lirah. Such a strange family they make, yet there's word. Family. I won't say much about the book aside from that, I feel like I might ruin it for you. Each page in it is a pleasure to read, more so if it remains a surprise to you or fairly unknown, and I'm so glad I got the chance to read this. Thank You, Netgalley.

And god, I hate cliffhangers and I just absolutely have GOT to know what happens next. I'll be desperately waiting until October...10 months to go.

On another note, to anyone reading this who HAS NOT read Melina Marchetta yet, READ HER (or more precisely, her books). Just give her a chance. There's the slightest of slightest chances that you may not like her, and even if you don't, I guarantee that her books are better than most of the generic YA being produced lately (I may sound a bit forceful, but I just feel enough people don't know about her, the amazing author that she is).

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