Thursday, November 24, 2011


'tis the week I started A2 classes. Maths. Calculus. Horrifying.

'tis also the week I give attention to my blog. Coincidence? Not really. Procrastination would be the correct word. (:

So this is a welcome to you all who read this, I'm honored, TRULY.

Note to self: Remember to update blog along with all other social networks. Remember to forget Maths homework instead, you lovely brain.

Anywho *pushes all the weirdness aside*, WELCOME! I hope you enjoy your stay at the freaky, creepy, and strangely amusing world of Hira, the insomniac, book reviewer, movie/tv show watcher, food monster, image appreciator, and stalker.

PS: Blog layout will change soon, whenever I get into a designing mood.

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