Friday, November 25, 2011

Gossip Girl Season 5

Any gossip girl haters/lovers around? I'm kind of a bit of both. Gossip girl really is a terrible show that you shouldn't start watching unless you're already hooked. It's so superficial. It deals with teenage socialites living in Upper East Side, New York, having every step of their lives broadcasted to teenagers all around by a character called Gossip Girl. Who is she? No one knows.

So originally, they're based on the books. I've read the books and it's kind of sad to say that the show is better than them. Which doesn't say all that much at all, really.

What propels me to watch Gossip Girl? A) Drama. B) Blair Waldorf. I find Blair a very intriguing character. As Leighton Meester (The actress who plays Blair) said upon her casting: "They were like, 'Be bitchy and nice, ugly and pretty, young and old, stupid and smart, innocent and slutty, blond and brunette. Can you be all those things?'"

Oh, the drama will never end. Seriously, I'd pity anyone who had to deal with that much drama in their lives. And sometimes they take it too far. Your boyfriend's father has a son with your mother, so you two share a half brother? Oops. Said boyfriend later becomes stepbrother? Double oops. Said stepbrother's sister has sex with your adopted brother? Oops, I did it again. How incestuous can you get?

So that's the gist of it. Never a dull moment. And now it's in season 5, rumored to be the last season thankfully (Oh, joy!). In season 5, you've got Serena, who's actually become a working girl (who would have thought?). There's Chuck, dangerous as ever. There's Dan, lonely as ever. There's Nate, gorgeous but boring as ever. And then there's Blair...pregnant as ever. But who's the father? That's one secret I'll never tell.

xoxo Gossip Girl

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